April 19, 2021

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He recounted the nightmare he experienced last night when his wife was injured with a block

Roberto Medero told tonight, still incredulous, how he and his partner, Michelle Rodríguez miraculously managed to survive an accident on the Baldorioty de Castro expressway, in Carolina, after a piece of concrete was thrown at them when they were on the road on Saturday night. .

Fortunately, her one-year-seven-month-old son, who had been left in the care of his paternal grandmother, was not in the car, following the protocol of the pandemic.

Michelle received the impact of the rock on her face and the 21-year-old was confined tonight in the Trauma Unit of the Medical Center in Río Piedras, where they would suture a wound in her mouth, but she was in good condition, according to her Medero first hour.

“Michelle is stable, she is recovering. We still have her in an emergency, but she is already recovering, ”said Medero, who also received minor injuries to some fingers, as the front window of the Chevrolet, Lumina, which his partner was driving, exploded on impact.

“She can speak even though she had her situation with her mouth, she can answer questions. She lost two teeth and she has one that needs to be restored, “Medero explained in a telephone interview.

The 20-year-old said that on Saturday night they went to buy some things at a supermarket and as “we did not find what we were looking for, we were going to Walmart de Escorial when it happened, what happened.” He said it was around 9:10 p.m. and that the confusing accident occurred at the height of Fragoso Avenue, on the Baldorioty Express.

“We were in the right lane, Michelle was driving, listening to music and I was looking at the phone when I heard a noise and the front glass sounded like it had exploded. Pieces of glass fell on me and when I see Michelle she was unconscious and the car starts to swerve. I took the wheel to maneuver, but I couldn’t reach the brakes ”, Medero said.

He said that trying to control the vehicle, he ran into a gray bus that did not stop and then hit a fence on the left side of the avenue. “Thanks to that fence that stopped us. I had to react in order to save ourselves because if not, we would not be telling it. We are miraculously alive, that was God, I couldn’t say otherwise… We freed her by a miracle and my baby was saved, who stayed with mommy ”, said the young Carolinense.

“When I was able to get out of the car I got out to scream, a guy yelled at me to close the door and then another stopped who asked and also continued. No one shook my hand and I didn’t know what had happened. If you see a crystal explode, well the first thing I thought was a shot. She was convulsing and frankly I thought it was a shot. At that time I did not know that Michelle had the rock on her feet, “he said.

He said that later, a patrol arrived and later, more police arrived. “The first version that I gave to the guards is that I believed it was a stray bullet,” said Medero.

Amid the confusion, he indicated that “one of the guards thought that Michelle had a shot in the shoulder, but no. I came to see the stone when it was brought to her for an emergency. That’s when I realized, “she said.

“I would tell people not to go out at night, I arrived at the hospital regretting having left. Puerto Rico is out of control. I don’t know who did it and if someone did it because I always give the benefit of the doubt, but let people know that this was not a joke, that attempting against a person’s life is not a game ”, he asserted.

“Things are not good anymore. I do not want to instill a message of fear and this is not the first time it has happened. A culprit has not yet appeared ”, added the young man.

He said that neither he nor his partner could see from where the piece of cement fell that hit the front window of the car. “It was like a six to seven inch ball of concrete with rock, as if it had been pulled out of rubble,” described Medero, who appreciated the solidarity he has received from his co-workers.

The young woman was treated at the scene by paramedics and initially transported to the UPR Hospital in Carolina where the doctor on duty diagnosed her with trauma to her face and the loss of the two upper central teeth and was referred to the Río Piedras Medical Center.

“They are going to do maxillofacial surgery; she is aware, ”said the director of the Carolina North Barracks, Lieutenant Fermín González.

“We have already found a piece of cement similar to the one found inside the vehicle in which the couple was traveling. It was in the Sabana Abajo neighborhood, in Ortiz alley ”, added González.

The lieutenant pointed out that it is presumed that the object was thrown from the field of the sector, which is adjacent to the expressway.

He said that, so far, they have no suspects for the crime and that the case was referred to the Carolina Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC).

Meanwhile, he added that they will reinforce security in the area and that they will direct an awareness-raising effort to impact the residents there. “This is the first time that an incident like this has happened in this sector. We are going to make a plan to prevent it from happening again; talk to the neighbors … We will have more patrols in the area, to see if we can find the boys. This can be about young people who don’t even imagine the damage they do, ”said the agent.

This story of terror has been lived by many people on the Island who have been victims of unscrupulous people, who in their leisure hours have the lethal entertainment of throwing blunt objects, often from pedestrian bridges, at cars that travel on public roads.

One of those victims is Lidia Pérez, who 15 years ago was hit in the face by a concrete block that hit her car after being thrown into the void by a teenager from a pedestrian bridge on the Baldorioty de Castro expressway.

“The story of this young woman (Michelle Rodríguez) was my ‘wake up call’ this morning (yesterday). I feel a great sadness and frustration knowing that this type of situation continues to occur … every time this happens it is like reliving the nightmare. And it is frustrating, above all, because we do not see a response from the government on many factors. There is impunity everywhere and there are so many barriers that make you want to cry, “she said.

Bárbara Figueroa contributed to this story.

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