May 11, 2021

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He says it is "uncomfortable" for the FBI to intervene with lawmakers

The Speaker of the House, Carlos Johnny Méndez, said today that it is "uncomfortable" that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has to intervene in the residences of legislators.

"It is always uncomfortable , one tries to keep some guidelines and some advice, always in the meetings that we have. But obviously the actions are individual and you have no control over that, "said the cameral president in Caliente with Carmen Jovet for NotiUno.

He added that he has asked members of the House to" make a full cooperation with the law and order authorities. "

Méndez assured that those in positions such as in the Chamber have to render accounts to the people.

He said that he has not had communication with the representative and hoped to have it at some point. moment of the day.

Today the representative Nelson Del Valle, to whom the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) presented himself at his home today with a search warrant, confirmed the presence of the authorities and the occupation of a cell phone.

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