July 28, 2021

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He was on vacation and infected 11 family members in four states with Covid-19 | PRESENT

A teenager transmitted the coronavirus (Covid-19) during a three-week family vacation during the summer, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The Covid-19 outbreak, which infected 11 people in four states over summer vacation, began with the youngest, 13, according to information from Providence Journal.

Quoting the news outlet, this is what the CDC report details:

  • The patient was exposed to Covid-19 during a large outbreak in June.
  • A rapid antigen test four days after exposure was negative, before symptoms began.
  • Two days later he had a stuffy nose, his only symptom.
  • That day she traveled with her parents and two siblings to attend a large family reunion, which began the next day, according to the CDC report.
  • The three-week family reunion involved five households from four states.
  • She was one of 14 family members between the ages of 9 and 72 who shared a five-bedroom, two-bathroom home for eight to 25 days, according to the report.
  • Family members did not wear masks or practice physical distancing, according to the report.

The report mentions the public health departments in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Georgia; but did not provide any other information about where the family reunion took place or the states where several relatives lived, the source added.

This case serves as a warning before the Christmas season, filled with numerous family gatherings. And it shows that children and teens can easily catch and spread the virus.

“The outbreak highlights several important issues that are good to review before the holidays,” said a spokeswoman for the Cook County Department of Public Health.

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