July 25, 2021

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Health adds 55 confirmed and 162 probable cases of COVID-19

The confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 were this Tuesday at 1,693 with 55 additional infected, while the probable positive cases increased to 5,772 with 142 infections, reported the Department of Health [19659005].

Of the total of probable new cases, 42 correspond to results that had not been reported with a sample date of May 5 to June 14. Health also subtracted in this line two cases that gave positive to the molecular test, so they became confirmed cases.

"The adjustments in totals are made as part of an effort by the Department of Health, entities and clinical laboratories to ensure that all samples taken for COVID-19 are recorded on the Bio Portal, regardless of the date it was taken, "the agency quotes in a press release.

Meanwhile, deaths from cororonavirus are maintained at 153 after no deaths associated with the disease were reported. Given this, confirmed deaths add up to 59 and probable deaths are 94. "It is important to remember that any death recorded after the report is issued will be reflected in subsequent reports," adds the health statement.

According to the agency data, the number of hospitalized patients amounts to 102, which translates to two less than yesterday . Of that amount, nine are confined in an Intensive Care Unit and two are connected to an artificial respirator. To date, hospitals have 2,495 beds and 854 beds available for adults.

Health defined as probable death that death of a patient who was diagnosed with COVID-19 by means of a serological (non-diagnostic) test or whose doctor registered the death using clinical criteria when evaluating symptoms. While confirmed deaths involve people who tested positive for a molecular (diagnostic) test.

Similarly, the term confirmed positive case refers to infections whose results were validated by a molecular test. Likewise, the probable case refers to that positive result for the disease that was obtained through serological testing.

Confirmed positive cases

The total of 1,693 confirmed positive cases correspond to 843 women and 850 to men.

The group of patients between 50 and 59 years of age continues to dominate with the highest number of infections (329), followed by 40 to 49 years (304) and 30 to 39 years (281).

The metropolitan region is the one with the most confirmed positive cases with 584. It is followed by the region of Mayagüez (252) and Bayamón (246).

Vieques and Culebra remain without confirmed cases, while San Juan continues as the municipality with the most infections in this category with 303 cases, followed by Guaynabo (103), Carolina (104) and Bayamón (101). Salud has not yet made available the municipality of 44 confirmed cases.

Probable positive cases

The total of 5,772 probable positive cases is broken down into 3,065 that correspond to women and 2,707 to men.

In this category, the group of patients between 50 and 59 years of age also registered the highest number of likely infected with 1,114, followed by 40 to 49 years (979) and 60 to 69 years (884).

The metropolitan region dominates the statistics with 1,417 probable infected, followed by the Bayamón region (1,092) and the Caguas region (829).

San Juan is the largest municipality with probable cases with 660, followed by Bayamón (322) and Carolina (236). The agency does not have available the town of 168 probable cases.

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