June 12, 2021

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Health and the National Guard begin meetings with mayors associated with the vaccination phases

VILLALBA – The Secretary of Health, Dr. Carlos Mellado, along with General José Reyes, Adjutant General of the Puerto Rico National Guard, met on Friday with mayors of the Association of Mayors in Villalba to begin preparations for the vaccination process in phases. against COVID-19.

“The vaccination effort that the Department of Health is carrying out in collaboration with the Puerto Rico National Guard has been extremely effective. We know that there are still many questions regarding the vaccination process, that is why we are going to start an aggressive campaign, we are going to have communication with you, the mayors, we are going to try to activate the vaccination providers that already exist in each municipality. Also added to this are community pharmacies and pharmacies and large chains to promote access, this, in collaboration with the National Guard, “said Dr. Mellado during the meeting.

“In essence what we want is to have access to tests, access to treatments,” he added.

The activity in which the Secretary of Education, Elba Lisett Aponte Santos, also participated, was carried out in order to join forces to expand vaccination centers and mass tests to the population. The intention is to establish a work plan integrating the municipalities to impact the different phases with the vaccination as well as the personnel of the Department of Education.

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