August 5, 2021

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Health asks for caution on the beaches | government

The Department of Health cautioned citizens who have plans to visit the different beaches of Puerto Rico on the occasion of the celebration of July 4, and insisted on the importance of physical distancing as a prevention measure for the spread of Covid- 19.

“To enjoy on the beach, the most important thing is the physical social distance, both in the water and in the sand and in the common areas. Similarly, the use of masks is recommended whenever possible, and avoid sharing objects that have contact with other people, such as glasses and snorkels, "said epidemiologist Jessica Irizarry.

Irizarry was emphatic in pointing out that the responsibility individual is vital to avoid contagion, so each person has to protect himself and his own.

Both on the beach and in other public places, it is important to keep physical distance, disinfect hands regularly with hand sanitizer, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth; as well as covering themselves when coughing or sneezing.

As part of the protection measures, it is recommended not to share utensils and, preferably, to use disposable cutlery.

Regarding groceries, the epidemiologist explained that "if we are going to share food from a family packaging, such as a bag of chips, we must serve a serving for each. In this way, we avoid contaminating the rest of the content and reduce the risks. ”

Despite these recommendations, it is important that you stay home if you experience symptoms compatible with Covid-19, if you have been tested and are waiting for results. , as well as if you have been in contact with sick people.

For more prevention advice, you can visit the page of the Department of Health.

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