November 30, 2020

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Health authorizes reopening of Marshalls and Macy’s after intervention

After the intervention carried out by the personnel of the research unit of the Department of Health at the Marshalls store in Montehiedra, the administration of the establishment carried out the appropriate cleaning and disinfection protocols, for which it was authorized to reopen it.

"The Marshalls administration showed evidence of activating the proper disinfection and cleaning protocol, so we proceeded to authorize that they will resume operations today. In the same way, we make sure that they comply with the security measures to guarantee the health of their employees and visitors, "said Jesús Hernández, director of the research area of ​​the Department of Health, in written statements.

On the other hand, last night He intervened at the Macy's store in Plaza las Américas, after receiving confidences that there was a positive case for COVID-19 and the proper protocols were not followed. Store management showed no evidence that disinfection measures were followed or internal tracking of employees or people with whom the infected person might have contact. Due to this situation, they were oriented to the protocols and they stopped operations, voluntarily, to activate the correct disinfection protocols. Today, they evidenced the completion of their disinfection processes and the resumption of operations was authorized.

Hernández alerted that, as part of the confidences received, people have reported that employers request their employees to sign confidentiality agreements. to prevent them from providing information to the authorities of the Department of Health. This situation will be investigated in depth.

“We, as a department, have the responsibility of ensuring health, so it is important to receive all the necessary information that allows us to carry out the tracking and control of infections, as well as ensuring that that the establishments comply with the appropriate protocols. We will not allow employers to threaten their employees or prevent them from offering vital information to adequately manage this pandemic, so we will thoroughly investigate these confidences, "added Hernández.

Anyone who has information about the non-compliance of establishments in the distancing measures social, crowding, use of masks, handwashing facilities or any other situation that endangers the safety of employees or visitors, you can write to email [email protected]. The information received will be confidential and handled by trained personnel in such situations responsibly.

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