January 25, 2021

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Health begins educational campaign against Covid-19 | government

Under the slogan "Covid-19 does not discriminate", the Department of Health launched the first phase of the institutional campaign to promote the importance of continuing to practice prevention measures to avoid the spread of Covid-19 in the population.

“We recognize the urgency of developing a campaign aimed at educating and guiding citizens about Covid-19 and the consequences of contagion. Given this need, we launched a first phase that, in addition to advertising, will be accompanied by the element of education, through the different sectors of the population. We not only want to make an impact with images, but through messages of impact, people really understand the repercussions of Covid-19 in all its facets ”, said the Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González Feliciano.

González Feliciano stated that" As we have seen since the pandemic began, Covid-19 does not discriminate.

"This virus threatens everyone's health equally, so it is important to reinforce prevention measures in the population, such as the use of of masks at all times, physical distancing and hand washing. We cannot lower our guard, because we are facing a stage of community transmission, which means that anyone who is by our side can be a transmitter of the virus ", indicated González Feliciano.

This first phase of the campaign has three television commercials produced and conceptualized by WIPR. The commercial "Caras" is aimed at the younger population, raising awareness of the importance of recognizing that anyone can infect us, regardless of whether they are known or not. "Sobrino" urges the public to demand the negative test of Covid-19 from Covid relatives who arrive on a trip to Puerto Rico, while "Se Busca" shows the route of the contagion of COVID-19 through a person who does not protect himself with his mask. The campaign will have presence on radio, press, billboards, social networks and other digital media.

In addition, the hashtag # elcovid19nodiscrimina is promoted through the Department of Health's social networks. with information about myths and realities, as well as other educational material that will be focused on providing guidance on how to learn to live with the virus. To develop these contents, the Department of Health has had direct collaboration with the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control -CDC -.

In the coming weeks other efforts will be added aimed at specific populations that will have additional elements such as participation of recognized figures from different fields, testimonials and the integration of efforts in the municipalities. In addition, we develop educational material for centers for the elderly and other vulnerable populations.

“We are strengthening our education projects and alliances with scientific groups and other areas of society, in order to impact the entire population. We want to prevent, guide and educate, so we are going to use all the tools at our disposal and all the resources available to fulfill this mission. I am grateful to all those who have joined us and made themselves available to us to carry the message of prevention ", concluded González Feliciano.

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