February 28, 2021

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Health closely monitors coronavirus hospitalizations | government

The Secretary of the Department of Health, Lorenzo González Feliciano, reported that he closely monitors the total number of patients hospitalized and connected to ventilators due to the coronavirus (Covid-19).

“These are good numbers for Puerto Rico, not there is doubt of it. But what I do not want is to give the perception that we are free from the problem, the problem exists, "said the Minister of Health in a radio interview (WKAQ 580).

According to the agency's 'dashboard', 89 people are hospitalized by the virus, of which nine are in an Intensive Care Unit.

"It is important to recognize that those who are coming to intensive care are not Covid-19 patients, we are looking at that number," he indicated. Although the intensive areas are over 50% and 60% of capacity, he assured that the majority are not cases related to the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, he assured that the use of fans does not exceed 25% daily, which he affirmed is “below what we expected at all times.”

The number of cases on the Island amounts to 6,922, between confirmed and probable. The latest report published by Salud maintains the death toll at 151, of which 57 have been confirmed by molecular testing.

In the case of the municipalities, San Juan remains at the top with 281 confirmed cases and 612 probable. The municipality of Vieques and Culebra islands continue without reporting confirmed cases, although Vieques has reported 22 probable and Culebra two, according to the Health portal.

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