March 4, 2021

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Health closes establishments for violation of executive order | government

The director of the Office of Investigations of the Department of Health, Jesús Hernández, ordered the closure of a school and several establishments for violation of the executive order that establishes measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Puerto Rico.

According to Hernández, the agency received confidences that the Clagill School in Bayamón was teaching face-to-face classes in addition to its enrollment. “Although we previously oriented the director and instructed him that he was not complying with the executive order, he ignored it, so we proceeded to order the closure of the place. The executive order establishes that face-to-face classes are not allowed and we must enforce the law ”.

Clagill College has an enrollment of 130 students, of whom 28 were taking face-to-face classes. Due to infractions, the college administration is exposed to fines and your license could be revoked.

Hernández added that, after the notice of the closure order, the director of the school prevented the entry of health personnel to the facilities, which constitutes obstruction of justice.

On the other hand, Salud also intervened with the Ozzy’s Tacos and El Nuevo Trampolín establishments, in the San Juan area, because they were selling alcoholic beverages after 7:00 pm and failing to comply with physical distancing. Both businesses were closed and are exposed to fines.

“We will continue to intervene in establishments that fail to comply with the executive order. As I have said before, our philosophy is, in addition to enforcing the law, saving lives. We need the cooperation of all citizens to prevent the spread of Covid-19. To minimize infections and deaths, we need to comply with the rules and be responsible, ”Hernández concluded.

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