June 25, 2021

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Health confirms first infection in a senior center | government

The Health Department confirmed today the first contagion of coronavirus occurred in a care center for older adults. Although the agency has not revealed the name of the place or the conditions in which the infected person is, EL VOCERO learned that it is a care home in the Carolina region and that the person has already been transferred to the hospital.

The rest of the residents of the center, as well as the employees, are undergoing the Covid-19 test today, as reported.

Dr. Idania Rodríguez of the Health Department cited privacy reasons for not to offer important details about what could be the first infection in one of these centers.

When asked about the uncertainty that this causes in all the people who they have relatives in these long-term care centers, she said that it is the responsibility of the center to communicate with relatives and warn of the existence of a positive case.

In an interview with EL VOCERO the official He did not even say which is the center where the positive was given and he only said that it is “in the metro region.”

“We cannot say the name. I can say that it is in the metro region. Until we have the information, it is irresponsible to say, "he said, although he admitted that they do know the name of the center where this elderly person was infected. “The center has a responsibility to notify family members. It has to establish the protocols established for mitigation and the Department of Health has the responsibility of doing the pertinent investigations to have the complete investigation and to be able to give it without question. ”

The elderly are in the most dangerous group of contagion and deaths from Covid-19. Since March, elderly care centers have been closed to family visits.

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