November 23, 2020

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Department of Health could limit access to molecular testing on the Island

The Secretary of the Department of Health, Lorenzo González Feliciano, reported that they could limit who can receive a molecular test (PCR) on the Island, due to the shortage of reagents for these diagnostic tests.

At a press conference, he confirmed that there is a shortage of reagents in “almost all” the testing laboratories on the Island, after an announcement by the Borinquen Laboratory, came out, stating that they will not be conducting molecular tests due to the lack of reagents.

“We have potentially returned to what we went through in the initial phase of COVID-19, where we have to ration the available resources and give priority to our patients in hospitals, and our elderly being more important,” said the secretary.

Given this, he said he requested that the testing laboratories provide a projection for the next six weeks in order to decide if they will have to “ration” these tests.

“This is happening in all 50 states, so we expected it. Yes, we have the capacity to (do) about 1,000 tests in the Department of Health. Once again, when there is an urgent situation like this that continues in the world, we will analyze the resources we have,” he added.

The Department of Health added 227 confirmed cases today for a total of 2,811 confirmed infections. It also reported 7,199 probable cases. The death toll remains at 167.

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