April 17, 2021

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Health epidemiologist assures that visits to the beaches can be made more flexible

The epidemiologist in charge of the Department of Health tracking system, Fabiola Cruz, assured that in the situation Puerto Rico finds itself, the Executive Order cannot be made much more flexible.

In an interview with Radio Isla, the health worker acknowledged that there may be outdoor activities that could be allowed but other closed spaces where air recirculates would have to be reinforced.

“The framework we are in does not allow us to be much more flexible. And if we make more flexible in some, we would have to tighten in others. We could make open spaces like beaches more flexible, but we would have to squeeze in closed spaces where the air recirculates ”explained the official.

Yesterday, Health published the first data on the tracking, who in the same interview Cruz detailed that the greatest number of infections are occurring in family activities.

“At family parties there are the people we love. But precisely, at family parties there are those people. It’s like we don’t take care of the people we love ”.

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