March 5, 2021

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Health epidemiologist ensures 94% of passengers arriving at Muñoz Marín Airport are monitored

The Chamber Commission for Tourism and Social Welfare held a visual inspection at the Luis Muñoz Marín Airport to review the implemented protocols related to the arrival of travelers amid the rise in infections of COVID-19 cases In Puerto Rico.

The president of the Commission, Néstor Alonso Vega, together with the epidemiologist, Irma Ramos, staff of the Health Department (DS) and the National Guard participated in the inspection through a tour of the JetBlue arrival terminal.

“We want to verify the security measures and the process that is being carried out at the airport, especially with travelers arriving on the island, to avoid the entry of more cases of COVID-19. In addition, we are close to the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, a time when the number of people who come to Puerto Rico increases, either to visit relatives or on vacation. This means that the necessary personnel from both Health and the entities that are part of ensuring compliance with the protocols must be highlighted here, ”said representative Alonso Vega.

Dennis A. Jones

The doctor, a health epidemiologist, assured that since the monitoring system was implemented, 94% of travelers entering the island have been monitored. She said that “in general terms, the DS Investigations Office has received over 30 referrals from us, from the surveillance system. Cases that have been identified as positive and that have planned trips have been established together with the CDC quarantine office located at the airport, so that these people do not board or take their flights ”.

Dr. Ramos, who is part of the surveillance component at the Airport, indicated that adjustments have been made in terms of personnel assigned to carry out intervention processes with travelers, given the increase that has been registered in these months. She reported that the staff includes nurses, medical technologists, and 200 national guards.

The epidemiologist said that among the alternatives that travelers have is the one arriving with the result of the COVID-19 test, or having the test done when they arrive in Puerto Rico and maintaining 14 days of quarantine. “It is important to note that many employers are requesting certifications from their employees that they complied with the quarantine, and we have to issue communication certifying that that person complied with the monitoring, or complied with the requirement of the executive order so that the employer can do so. receive ”, explained the official.

Arriving travelers must fill out the Travel Declaration Form on the DE’s online portal, with information on whether the COVID-19 test was done or not, for when they arrive on the island continue with the corresponding process, according to the protocols established.

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