May 15, 2021

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Health insurer increases compensation in fees to dentists

Humana reports that effective since August 1, 2020, the payment of fees to all dentists participating in its network of providers in the Commercial and Medicare Advantage line segment increased by approximately 25%.

“Humana’s commitment is to serve as a healthcare partner to our clients and providers. The goal is to continue to offer access to affordable, excellent quality healthcare services through a first-rate care experience. “said Luis A. Torres Olivera, president of Humana.

He indicated that in these difficult times for this sector of the country’s medical class due to COVID 19, Humana wishes to continue strengthening its relationship with dentists and support them to continue with their excellent dedication and commitment to Puerto Rico.

“One of our priorities is to continue working to overcome the challenges of these times, to join forces, resources and efforts to create efficient and productive solutions that promote the economic development of Puerto Rico and lead to a better quality of life for our people,” he said. the president of the health insurer.

He added that a circular letter was issued to all Humana Insurance of Puerto Rico, Inc. dental providers. If in doubt with the billing process, medical offices can contact the Provider Service Center at 1-800-611-1474 or with your Contracting Representative.

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