March 3, 2021

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Health intervenes in a private pool party | government

The Office of Investigations of the Department of Health made an intervention in a private party that was carried out in a residence in Hacienda El Lago, in Trujillo Alto.

“After confidences, and receiving information about the invitation to the activity, through social networks, we proceeded to impact the place, where the party called Stereo Nights Pool Party was held. The owner of the residence took responsibility for the situation and provided all the information that was required. The case will be referred to evaluate possible legal actions and fines ”, explained the director of the office Jesús Hernández.

In the intervention, which took place after midnight, it was evidenced that the curfew was not being complied with, they had an overcrowding of people, without the proper use of masks and without physical distancing, putting the health of all attendees at risk. Personnel from the Investigations Office took the data of the people present at the time of the intervention to assess whether they did not comply with other health protocols.

The Zajorí Gastro Show establishment, located on Loíza street in Santurce, was also impacted, where it was oriented on social distancing measures, compliance with the curfew and the use of masks. Another establishment known as LiT, also located on Loíza Street, was visited, showing that it complied with all health and safety protocols, both for its employees and visitors.

“We will not rest on our commitment to ensure the health of citizens, but we need everyone’s cooperation. As I have said on other occasions, it is not only about enforcing the law, but about saving lives, “said the director of the Office of Investigations.

Regarding the case that has publicly transcended a nightclub in Old San Juan where, apparently, there were minors, Hernández said that “at the moment, the situation is under investigation, so we ask for the space to have a clear panorama and, if necessary, take the pertinent actions ”.

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