August 1, 2021

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Health intervenes with the El Escondite business for violations of the EO

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SAN JUAN – The director of the Investigations Office of the Department of Health, Jesús Hernández, ordered the closure of several establishments for violations of the executive order, which establishes protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Puerto Rico.

In Hatillo, in the establishment known as El Escondite / Atlantic Colmado, they intervened and found that said business was operating outside of the hours established according to the executive order, and in turn there were several individuals, including elderly people, consuming alcoholic beverages after hours. established in the executive order.

Most of the people who were in the establishment did not use a mask.

“When we got to that establishment, the owner closed the door suddenly. When we were finally allowed in, questions from the Investigations office staff indicated that there were no customers, only the owner and his wife who were cleaning the premises. As we passed, we found several people hiding in the establishment and some hiding among bushes, even a knight was found climbing a tree hiding. These people were putting their lives at risk, without taking preventive measures and violating the country’s rules. That is unfortunate, because it is the population that is being affected and is dying from COVID-19, ”Hernández said in written statements.

The work was carried out in conjunction with the Hatillo State Police, who issued fines to the people who were in the establishment for violating the curfew. This establishment also did not have licenses for the sale of food, which is why they were fined and ordered to close the premises.

On the other hand, at the Ecomaxx-Corcorvada gas station, in the Córdova neighborhood, also in Hatillo, visitors were allowed on the premises of the gas station drinking alcoholic beverages after the established hours.

In the intervention, a traveler who is in Puerto Rico in order to attend a funeral was identified, however, he was violating the executive order that establishes quarantine for travelers who arrive without negative evidence, so he was guided and escorted to his home by state police officers.

The Investigations Office will follow up on this case to determine if the information provided by the traveler in the Travel Declaration Form was correct.

On the other hand, they intervened in the place known as El Caldo Bar and Grill, in the Playa Peñón Brusi sector, in Camuy.

The establishment was fined and closed due to excessive crowding of people. There was no kind of distancing between people.

There were employees working in the kitchen and in the bar area without the use of masks. Staff from the Investigations office observed that they did not take the visitors’ temperature. The bar area was open and operating in violation of the executive order.

“What we were able to observe in said establishment is unacceptable. The amount of people crowded together and without any kind of distancing or precautionary measures, ”Hernández said.

Other businesses fined for failing to comply with the executive order and the regulations of the Department of Health were: Pizzeria Pajuil Bar and Grill, in the Yeguada neighborhood, in Camuy; Chalan Restaurant, in Ciales; and Friend Zone, in Quebradillas.

Anyone who has information about the non-compliance of establishments in the measures of social distancing, crowding of people, use of masks, facilities for hand washing or any other situation that endangers the safety of employees or visitors, can write to email [email protected]

The information received will be kept confidential and handled by personnel trained to deal with such situations responsibly.

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