April 10, 2021

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Health orders closure of center for people with intellectual disabilities | government

The director of the Investigations Unit of the Department of Health, Jesús Hernández, reported that the Modesto Gotay Foundation, in Trujillo Alto, was ordered to be closed after showing serious failures in its functioning and operations, which put the health of the residents of the place.

The intervention in the center, which provides services to people with intellectual disabilities, was in charge of the personnel of the Investigation Unit, the Division of Intellectual Disability, Environmental Health and Saraf, all assigned to Health.

The Health mobilization originated after complaints from the very staff who work in the Intellectual Disability Division, who alerted about irregularities that showed that the home did not meet the minimum requirements to operate, so it was removed and relocate residents, as well as at its closure.

“During our visit to the center, we were able to evidence severe failures in food handling, as well as í as an inventory of expired foods. Similarly, the adequate number of staff was not met to care for patients. We also observed a lack of hygiene and inadequate infrastructure to meet the needs of the residents, ”Hernández explained.

He added that 47 people lived in the place, of which 41 were patients assigned to the Department of Health.

Among others irregularities, expired medications were found without their proper labeling, excrement on the beds and people sleeping on the floor.

The administration of the Modesto Gotay Foundation undertook to take the necessary steps to comply with the Health indications, that the forces it to remain closed until it is inspected again and the agency's permission is obtained to resume operations.

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