August 4, 2021

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Health orders closure of establishment in Culebra | government

The secretary of the Health Department, Lorenzo González Feliciano, reported that today he ordered the immediate cessation of operations of the Mamacita's Guest House establishment, on the island municipality of Culebra, for carrying out activities that have put health and safety at risk. of employees and diners. " As part of the intervention, we guided and evaluated the protocols of two other establishments. The El Caracol restaurant, following our visit, decided to preventively close operations."

According to information received at the Department of Health, said establishment had five employees who obtained positive results for Covid-19. Despite the recommendations issued by the Health Department and the municipality's epidemiology team, the owner of the premises did not keep the hospitality employees in isolation and quarantine, nor did he carry out the disinfection required to guarantee health and safety when he became aware of the first case. This action produced four additional positive results.

“It is important to emphasize that the responsibility to enforce the laws belongs to everyone, both the government, and individuals and merchants. This establishment was clearly negligent in handling the situation, even though it was responsibly oriented. Let there be no doubt, that the Department of Health will continue to control the establishments around the island, in order to enforce not only Executive Order 2020-044, but will also ensure the health of the people in accordance with the responsibility conferred. through law, "emphasized González Feliciano.

Pursuant to the Organic Law of the Department of Health, the secretary of the agency ordered the investigation of the positive cases, which revealed that the establishment is a source of infection. The closure of said establishment will be for five days, while the investigation carried out by the Department of Health is completed. Failure to comply with the cessation of operations may order the imposition of economic sanctions and / or the permanent closure of the business, as well as the revocation of suspension or revocation of the health license.

"We reaffirm our commitment to health, as our main north. We urge all individuals who are aware of situations that endanger health or establishments that do not comply with the rules to prevent the spread of Covid-19, to inform us to take immediate action. The responsibility is everyone's and we will not let our guard down, "the secretary concluded.

Any citizen who has information about the non-compliance of establishments in the measures of social distancing, crowding of people, use of masks or facilities for the hand washing, you can write to the email [email protected] . Similarly, they can be contacted at 787-522-6300. The information received will be confidential and handled by trained personnel in such situations responsibly.

The intervention was carried out with the collaboration of the Health Department staff, with the authorities of the Police Bureau and the administration municipal.

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