June 13, 2021

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Health personnel receive today second dose of vaccine against COVID-19

Multiple health professionals in Puerto Rico are preparing today to receive the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine after the 21 days stipulated from the first inoculation.

As reported NoticenterToday, several hospitals will administer the second dose of this vaccine that initially arrived in Puerto Rico on December 15.

One of the hospitals that has already started the process was the Ashford in Condado, where the respiratory therapist Yahaira Alicea, who treated the first case of COVID and also received the first vaccine, has already applied the second dose.

She told the news outlet in the last 21 days she has had no reaction and feels confident that she is immunized against the virus.

The long-term care home vaccination process began yesterday in an effort agreed upon with the Walgreens and CVS pharmacy chains. The first to receive her was a home in Río Piedras.

Noticentro reported that between January 11 and 16, Health personnel would travel to Vieques and Culebra to vaccinate the health professionals of those municipalities.

In Puerto Rico, 90,000 vaccines have been received and some 70,000 doses have been administered.

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