July 26, 2021

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Health publication on masturbation rolls the networks

He Health Department this afternoon deleted a post about masturbation that he published this morning on social networks and in which the agency was betting on this practice to prevent a contagion of COVID-19 through sexual relations.

“Masturbation is one of the preventive methods of contracting diseases through sex. Here we share how this act could help you avoid getting COVID-19 ”, read the publication, which is accompanied by an image that shows a hand holding a grapefruit. It was deleted shortly after 3:00 p.m.

He added that masturbation is “the safest sexual activity during the pandemic,” and also recommends washing your hands before and after the act.

Publication of the Department of Health that encourages masturbation.

After the publication made on Facebook at 11:11 in the morning, a tremendous stir was formed on social networks between those who support this sexual method and those who oppose it.

Some users commented that the initiative was educational, while others said it was not appropriate.

Michelle De la Cruz, press spokeswoman for Salud, explained to First hour that the publication “was not made with the intention of offending anyone.”

“As part of the communication strategies, we have launched an orientation campaign since September. East post It is not that we are promoting masturbation, it is about post that we have created since we reinforced our content on social networks, which includes various topics, various daily activities of society, as a preventive measure. It’s not that we are launching a masturbation campaign, ”he said.

“With regard to safe sex, I think it is one of the issues that Salud has to touch on. We have programs for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV programs, the issue of sex also belongs to us, ”he said.

The agency used as a reference the Division of Viral Diseases of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases to create the publication.

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