July 26, 2021

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Health recommends modifying the ‘trick or treat’ | government

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Dr. Iris Cardona, undersecretary of the Department of Health and pediatrician, recommended that the public modify the celebration of Halloween with safe and fun activities, without putting the health of any person at risk. family member.

“Certainly, this year should not be celebrated on Halloween like other years, but that does not mean that you can not do fun activities. This holiday is expected and enjoyed by many, especially children and young people, so it is recommended to use technology and creativity, in order to avoid trick or treating, from house to house ”, said Dr. Cardona, who explained that trick-or-treating is not safe because it puts children and adults who are directly related to people outside their family nucleus at risk.

Among the existing alternatives to carry out the celebration, avoiding risks, the use of technology is recommended to plan a virtual costume party, decorating competitions and any other activity that, in addition to being fun, promotes safe sharing, avoiding contact with other people who are not part of their family nucleus.

The undersecretary assured that, even within the home, fun things can be done. “The little ones can help decorate the house. Parents can share with children making drawings or crafts; in addition, they can join in the kitchen to bake cookies or make decorated food, alluding to the holiday, “explained the undersecretary.

In the same way, a call is made to young people and adults who usually coordinate fancy dress parties, to do them this year virtually, in such a way as to avoid crowding and physical contact between people.

Other alternatives that health organizations recommend to celebrate Halloween include organizing a virtual cinema with horror movies; there are digital platforms with which it is possible to share movies with other people. It is also recommended to create activities such as Halloween makeup competitions, so that everyone connects and each one sees the progress of the other, until they share the final work.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cardona concluded that “the important thing is to be vigilant in complying with preventive measures, at the time of planning and during the event. The prevention of Covid-19 is a responsibility that we must fulfill daily, including during holidays and special days ”.

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