June 25, 2021

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Health reinforces call to prepare to face atmospheric phenomena | government

The Secretary of the Department of Health, Lorenzo González Feliciano, called on patients with health conditions to have their contingency plans ready in the event of atmospheric phenomena on the Island.

“We all have to be vigilant and prepared, but those who suffer from serious health conditions should not lower their guard. It is important to have the medications to attend to their conditions before, during and after the passage of any atmospheric event, as with the supplies that are usually needed in emergency situations, "González Feliciano stressed, stressing the possibility that many may have to move to a shelter.

Regarding people with respiratory conditions, the health minister explained that “we are in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic, in which people with respiratory conditions are the most vulnerable. I urge oxygen-dependent people to have an alternate plan or a reserve of oxygen cylinders. ”

On the other hand, he advised that insulin-dependent people also have alternatives so that, in case of not having electrical energy, your medications are kept at adequate temperatures; In the absence of an electrical source, the insulin vials, open or closed, can be at room temperature -out of the fridge- for up to 28 days, provided they are protected from light and temperatures above 86 ° F.

The call also included people with dialysis: “These patients must coordinate to receive their dialysis treatment just before the passage of any emergency; they should also consult their dialysis unit or clinic to establish what to do after the event. ”

Pregnant women, at high risk or 36 weeks or more, urged them to consult with their doctor the elements corresponding to the continuity of their medical care, in case of any eventuality.

"For those with limited mobility, the assistance of a family member or caregiver is recommended, at all times, to preserve health and avoid complications," he indicated.

He added that "in In the case of cardiac patients, it is important that they have the equipment to monitor blood pressure. Asthmatics should keep their inhaler -pomp-. These patients, in case they need to move to a shelter, must carry the respiratory therapy machine and supplies to guarantee the necessary treatment. ”

Likewise, patients receiving HIV treatment must keep their supplies and medications at the same time. day, for a long time, said the official.

He stated that “anyone who moves to a shelter, with or without health conditions, must report any illness, previous or sudden, including symptoms related to Covid-19. Likewise, it is important that, in addition to their medications and personal and assistance items, they must carry masks, at least two per person, bar soap or liquid, 'hand sanitizer', with at least 60% alcohol, and wipes disinfectants. "

In the event that a person moves with infants or minors, they must bring the formula milk for the child or any requirement necessary for the care of the minor.

The Secretary of Health added that all patients should have their medical plan card in hand or in a safe place.

He also advised having a caregiver or family member to help him avoid health complications, if necessary.

It is important to have an updated health information card for emergencies. It must include personal information such as the name and telephone number of the doctor, medical conditions, allergies and list of medications, "said González Feliciano.

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