June 11, 2021

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Health reports 10 deaths from COVID-19

The Health Department reported 10 deaths from COVID-19 in its daily report today. Likewise, 715 new cases were reported between confirmed, suspected and probable. Likewise, it was indicated that the number of hospitalizations is 240.

With the deaths registered, the total number of deaths reached 2,431. The number is divided into confirmed (2,086) and probable (345) deaths.

The breakdown of new cases by samples taken between April 20 and May 13 is divided as follows: 194 confirmed cases of coronavirus by positive molecular tests (for a total of 120,255); 76 new probable cases detected through antigen testing (increasing the total to 16,171); 445 new suspected cases through positive serological tests (totaling 122,397).

Report from the Department of Health on COVID-19 for Saturday, May 15.

The deaths, six women and four men, were registered in: metropolitan area (four women of 88, 69, 56 and 52 years old and a man of 22 years old); Arecibo (a 61-year-old woman); Bayamón (a man of 67); Fajardo (a 62-year-old woman) and Ponce (two men, 66 and 52 years old).

Meanwhile, the agency detailed that those hospitalized for COVID-19 are divided into 218 adults and 22 pediatric patients. Of these, there are 64 adults and one minor in intensive care units; 45 adults and a minor are connected to fans.

The Department of Health emphasizes that it is time to reinforce prevention protocols to avoid contagion.

People who are anxious about the coronavirus can call the Assmca PAS Line at 1-800-981-0023. Those with symptoms can contact the Health Department at 787-999-6202.

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