April 11, 2021

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Health reports 40 fewer hospitalized for Covid-19 | government

The Dashboard of the Health Department reported 469 hospitalizations for Covid-19, a reduction of 40 compared to yesterday's figure, which first reached 509 hospitalized.

The number of hospitalized by the novel The virus has remained above 400 since last Wednesday, when it first crossed this threshold with 415 cases.

Hospitalizations have been on the rise for the past two weeks, when the number of those hospitalized reached 206 on 14 December. July. The previous highest number was 201, on April 30.

66 patients are maintained in intensive care and 37 are connected to an artificial respirator. These figures did not vary compared to yesterday's figure. No pediatric patient is hospitalized by the virus.

While, to date, there are 3,346 adult beds available in the country's hospitals and 966 pediatric beds. There are also 225 adult intensive beds available.

The Health Department today added 167 confirmed cases of Covid-19 to a total of 5,585 and another 249 probable cases to a total of 10,255. Deaths now number 209, after adding five confirmed and three probable in the most recent report.

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