January 22, 2021

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Health reports 410 new confirmed infections of coronavirus

The report of the Department of Health did not report deaths from COVID-19 while 410 confirmed cases and 361 probable cases were registered additional.

The virtual tool of Health, the "dashboard" indicates that there are 400 people hospitalized. The figure yesterday was 393, when six deaths were reported.

With no reported fatalities, the confirmed deaths are 206 and the probable deaths are 129, therefore, the total number of deaths is 335 . The total in both lines was adjusted since, due to the data verification protocol, a probable death was reclassified as confirmed, after documenting a positive molecular test result.

It is important to remember that any death registered after the report was issued , will be reflected in later reports.

On the other hand, the total of the results of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is 11,723. The total was adjusted after subtracting two duplicate cases; In addition, 64 cases were added with a sampling date from July 14 to July 31. Of that total, 6,089 are women and 5,634 men. The reported cases are those that have a positive PCR test, with a sample collection date of August 2 to 14.

As part of the report, 361 additional probable cases were registered, with a sample collection date that includes 1 to August 14. In this line, the total is 15,037, after being adjusted, by subtracting 91 cases that had a positive molecular test, later, and were added to the cases registered as part of this report. Similarly, 12 cases were added with sampling dates between May 13 and July 31. Probable cases are divided into 8,265 women and 6,772 men.

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