November 29, 2020

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Health spends millions to meet a monitor, but there are no reports in almost 10 years

Regarding the Río Piedras Medical Center, he stressed that “these buildings are in quite critical condition,” Rivera Cruz said.

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SAN JUAN – The director of the Transition Committee of the governor-elect, Pedro Pierluisi, Ramón Luis Rivera Cruz highlighted on Wednesday, the spending in the Department of Health in relation to a monitor in cases of mental health and disability, in which he denounced has not given up reports within 10 years.

“He explained to us where there are fields to improve and there are some areas, for example, that must be addressed by the next government. Is that we have court cases in the Department of Health in the area of ​​mental health and disability, the secretary mentioned to us, that there has been a monitor for 10 years and that in those ten years the monitor has not rendered a single report. That monitor is making money, ”said the director of Transition, Ramón Luis Rivera Cruz at a press conference.

“In other words, the more the cases are extended, the more the monitors earn and the more the lawyers earn. Right now there are 1.5 million dollars assigned for the monitor, I don’t know if this is the same case, 1.5 million dollars for the lawyers ”, he added.

On the other hand, he mentioned as “something positive” the recovery of funds for the purchases of failed COVID-19 tests, the acquisition of ventilators.

As for the Río Piedras Medical Center, he stressed that “these buildings are in quite critical condition.”

“The Secretary’s office is sad. You get there and there you receive investors in the health area, federal officials and at the moment they are being treated in an office where they have cracks on the walls. There are areas where it can be improved and it will then be up to the incoming government to start making the corresponding corrective action plans, including making more effective use of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is there and is not being used, “said Rivera Cruz.

Regarding COVID-19, the mayor of Bayamón also expressed that the programs related to the tracking of Coronavirus must continue.

“All those programs that are working, such as state screening and municipal screening and screening for older adults, are programs that must continue either with federal money or with state money,” he said.

When questioned the Secretary of Health, Dr. Lorenzo González Feliciano as to whether there is a risk if there is no effective transition, he replied that “we will not remove ourselves tomorrow and turn off the switch. No. We are here, we are exactly the same government. A different executive group is definitely going to come, but the direction for the country and the health of Puerto Rico is up to all of us. There should be no problem here. Where the money is ”.

Another aspect that concerns the Transition Committee related to health is the recruitment of nurses. “Yes, there is a deficiency in the recruitment of nurses,” said Rivera Cruz.

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