June 25, 2021

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Health will not collect molecular samples of Covid-19 due to possible storm | government

Dr. Humberto Guzmán denounced that "the Covid-19 will have to wait", this after the Laboratory of Biological and Chemical Emergencies (LEBQ) of the Department of Health notified that, due to the passage of Cyclone 9 on the Island, They will not be collecting molecular samples from patients with suspected Covid-19 hospitals from today, Wednesday, July 29 until Saturday, August 1.

“This at the time when hospitals are at their peak of receiving suspected patients from the coronavirus and at the same time with the uncertainty caused by the shortage of reagents for molecular tests and the difficulties of performing them, "wrote the doctor on his social networks, accompanied by the letter sent by the government agency.

" The virus does not pause Nor is incompetence. Our government is not prepared to handle multiple issues at once, God take care of us, "said Guzmán.

According to the notification, signed by the Secretary of Health, Lorenzo Gonzále z Feliciano, on Friday, July 31, the LEBQ will evaluate if there was any risk in the facilities due to the atmospheric system and then resume the one collected on Saturday. "Likewise, the Laboratory of Biological and Chemical Emergencies will not be receiving samples during these days in its facilities," the document concludes.

On the other hand, the Department of Health changed its mind today afternoon and reported that his laboratory will continue offering services "only to analyze samples that come from hospitals and whose patients have their health highly compromised." priority to the analysis of samples of hospitalized patients and of people whose health condition is critical ”.

Analysis of other samples will be rescheduled.

Among the types of analysis of samples that will be rescheduled by the meteorological emergency are the analysis of environmental samples, such as drinking water, milk, and food. In addition, the analyzes of samples related to alcohol toxicology, tuberculosis tests, which are part of the surveillance system, samples in the area of ​​clinical bacteriology, which are due to possible food poisoning, those of HIV and STDs.

“Los Hospitals that have patients who need to process the Covid-19 samples, as an emergency, can coordinate with the Public Health Laboratory for the delivery and processing of the same, "concluded Toro.

In the most recent Health report, two deaths from Covid-19 were reported; meanwhile, 115 confirmed cases and 73 additional probable cases were registered.

With this, total 211 deaths and 16,061 confirmed and probable cases since the pandemic began on the Island.

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