February 24, 2021

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Health workers endorse extension of executive order | PRESENT

Just hours after the entry into force of a new executive order with the measures established to control the Covid-19 pandemic, health professionals consulted favored extending the current guidelines for two weeks, as already recommended by the economic sector.

Hours later, Governor Wanda Vázquez ordered the extension of the aforementioned order until October 16. The document was signed by the interim governor, Raúl Márquez Hernández, since the first executive is traveling.

They said the current order should remain until the reliability of the late results of the tests that Quest labs delivered to the Department of Health (DS) in September is validated.

The president of the College of Surgeons, Víctor Ramos, expressed in an interview with THE SPOKESMAN that the “recommendation is that it be extended for two more weeks as long as the Quest results are validated, because if those positive results are assumed, we would be in orange almost red, and if it is assumed that they do not all work, we are in yellow almost green , in other words, it would be diametrically opposite and reality must be somewhere between those two ”.

The pediatrician also said that in order to give responsible recommendations, both the medical and financial teams understand that the results that have been questioned must be validated, in order to “know exactly where we are.” Ramos understands that in two weeks the validation of the results of the 6,000 controversial tests must be completed.

Salud reported on September 24 – through the Assistant Secretary for the Regulation and Accreditation of Health Facilities (Sarafs) – that it ordered the halting of the Quest tests until they could demonstrate the reliability of the results they emit.

Until yesterday, Puerto Rico had 49,067 confirmed and probable cases, and 665 deaths from Covid-19. Meanwhile, there were 316 hospitalized, of which 58 corresponded to adults and a minor who were in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and 37 adults and a minor who were connected to an artificial respirator. There were also 42 municipalities with a positivity rate greater than 10%.

Sunday restrictions

The doctor in public health, José Antonio Torres, favored extending the current executive order, but considers that greater restrictions should be included for Sundays.

“I have had the opportunity to be in the street, see and analyze what is happening and what worries me are Sundays that, apparently, there is so much anxiety in the town due to the fact that perhaps everything was closed. So, everyone is leaving without any precaution for the street. Obviously the hammocks are supposedly not open, but then there are other businesses that are turning into hammocks ”, added Torres.

In that sense, he specified that it is observed how the young public participates in events where there is no type of notion or precaution in terms of contact with each other.

“It is the young public that is asymptomatic and (when exposed), they are in charge of transmitting and bringing the virus to their families. Until a conscience is created, I believe that the next executive order should at least have some guidelines in terms of Sundays, ”said the health worker.

Regarding the deaths related to Covid-19, Torres said that we must be more empathetic with all the families that have been affected.

He added that the government must take responsibility. “The deaths, even 6, 5 or 4 a day, continue and obviously, part of the concern of us health workers is that we have seen how our guard has been lowered,” he said.

“You have to talk about the implications of a person being in intensive care and having to decide to go on a ventilator. This is still a very big concern because once they reach a fan, 80% die ”, Torres said.

Meanwhile, the former Secretary of Health, Enrique Vázquez Quintana, said that it is necessary to evaluate what happens in the next two weeks. “I don’t think Sunday is such a difficult day or different from other days. So we are going to stay with Sunday open I think ”, he anticipated.

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