May 10, 2021

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Heineken Alerts About Fraud Using Her Name

Heineken Company has alerted its consumers in Puerto Rico to the fraudulent use of the Heineken Company name, Heineken® brand and logo, as well as the personal names of Heineken officials, for activities in which Heineken is not involved. .

Heineken's alleged lotteries, promotions and offers are fraudulently promoted or promised gifts under the Heineken name, including with Heineken® images and logos copied from official websites.

In some cases, reported the company in written statements, the personal names of Heineken officers, the Heineken® logo and other Heineken images are used for these purposes to give the impression that it is genuine. Not only Heineken, but also thousands of other national and international companies and brands face this type of fraud.

Heineken detaches itself from these lotteries, raffles and fraudulent offers, and denies any relationship with the organizations involved in the scheme. In addition, Heineken recommends that the public not open any link or document associated with these communications, and that they do not respond to such messages or emails or provide personal information or bank details.

For its part, Méndez & Co., leader in sales and distribution of premium liquors and beverages in Puerto Rico, joined this call and warned that in recent days fraudulent activity has been detected at a digital level through emails, Internet pages and text messaging or WhatsApp that uses the brands it distributes in Puerto Rico to offer free products to consumers. Said communications have also not been created or authorized by Méndez & Co.

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