January 20, 2021

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Henry Escalera after police arrest: "Today is a sad day for the Bureau"

Commissioner of the Police Bureau, Henry Escalera. Photo: cybernews

Reported that the sergeant and the three detained agents were summarily suspended from employment and salary

By Metro Puerto Rico

Commissioner of the Police Bureau, Henry Stairs. Photo: cybernews

The Commissioner of the Police Bureau, Henry Escalera Rivera spoke during this morning regarding the arrest of several members of the Puerto Rico Police Bureau to hands of the federal authorities.

"Today is a sad day for the Police Bureau. The arrest of a public servant is always a source of outrage, especially when it comes to people who took an oath to enforce the laws. the Police there is no room for corruption. We are not going to allow a group of people to tarnish the image of public servants who day by day work tirelessly for the safety of our people, "said Escalera in a written communication.

Las The expressions were given after this morning federal authorities carried out several arrests against agents of the Puerto Rico Police in the Humacao area.

Urges to denounce illegal acts [1 9659012] Meanwhile, Escalera called on any citizen who has information on illegal acts involving members of the Police Bureau to communicate confidentially with the authorities, so that these people can be prosecuted.

"The sergeant and the three agents are assisted by the right to the presumption of innocence, like any citizen. However, the arrests were made immediately, employment and salary were summarily suspended. The administrative process will continue its course," he added Stairs.

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