January 18, 2021

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Hermeticism in trespassing of the PFEI to the Department of Justice | government

After almost six hours of intervention, the prosecutors of the Panel on the Independent Special Prosecutor (PFEI) and agents of that investigating body left the headquarters of the Department of Justice in Hato Rey this afternoon without issuing statements about the raid or the reasons that they motivated their request for information in that agency.

The raid was led by prosecutor Miguel Colón Ortiz, one of the prosecutors in charge of the investigation being carried out by the PFEI against Governor Wanda Vázquez for alleged violations of the Anti-Corruption Code. The events imputed to the governor and other officials are allegedly related to the distribution of supplies by the Socioeconomic Development Administration (Adsef) for victims of the tremors in the southwest of the Island.

In addition to Colón, there were Justice three agents and another prosecutor whose name has not been revealed so far. These arrived at 10:50 a.m. to the Justice facility, but it wasn't until 5:12 p.m. who left the building after getting into a van located far from the main exit of Justicia. This while a group of journalists waited outside to obtain statements about the intervention.

However, the truck looked remarkably full of items, not specified, in the trunk. So far, it is unknown whether the agency's documents or technological devices were taken away.

The secretary of the Department of Justice, Inés Carrau Martínez, expressed in brief written statements that the PFEI went to court with "a request". "We responded to your request, however, we are prevented from disclosing any information about that visit, since it is a confidential matter under the jurisdiction of that office," he said.

Early in the morning, the PFEI press spokesman , Luis de la Cruz, told EL VOCERO that prosecutors and agents of that institution went to Justice to handle the matter of leaking a confidential report that was published yesterday in various media. [19659002] One of the PFEI agents approached when arriving at Justice by several journalists said that "there are no comments."

The revealed report was referred to the PFEI by the former Secretary of Justice, Dennise Longo and from this it was that this entity began the investigation against Vázquez.

The document details that the governor may have violated the Anti-Corruption Code, after having dismissed the former Secretary of Family, Glorimar Andújar, who had ordered an investigation against the administrator of Adsef, Surima Quiñones.

The Family Department's investigation against Quiñones arose after complaints from other employees that it stopped the distribution of supplies after the southern earthquakes to benefit the image of politicians. , to the Secretary of the Interior, Antonio Pabón and other officials. These are pointed out possible violations of the Anti-Corruption Code, the Penal Code and the Government Ethics Law.

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