June 25, 2021

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Highways Authority declares in a State of Emergency a section with extreme scour on the PR-30

Recommend alternate routes

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San Juan – The executive director of the Highways and Transportation Authority (ACT), engineer Rosana Aguilar Zapata, reported on Tuesday, the approval of the Emergency Resolution 2020-18, “to declare the section of the PR-30 highway in a state of emergency , kilometer 24.5 in the municipality of Humacao ”.

As the Resolution itself explains, “during this day, the Office of Emergency Management and the Puerto Rico Police contacted the director of the ACT Regional Office due to an emergency situation… due to the extreme undermining. in the left lane in the aforementioned section. “

“Because,” he adds, “technical engineering staff of the Authority concluded that it was necessary to address the situation immediately and close two lanes, since the scour has been spreading, affecting the road in both directions, which represents a danger to public safety. “

Therefore, the Resolution resolves, among other matters, that, after declaring the aforementioned road segment in a state of emergency, the Authority is authorized to bypass the auction procedures, to carry out the necessary work to immediately address the existing undermining in kilometer 24.5 of the PR-30 highway, so that the condition of said section does not continue to represent a danger to life and property.

Recommend alternate routes

The situation in the aforementioned section of the PR-30 has led to the closure of the lanes and the walkway on the left side, in both directions, so that only the lane on the far right and the walkway remains open, also in both directions.

Therefore, the following alternate routes are recommended:

In the direction of Las Piedras, the highways PR-198 and PR-921. In the direction of Humacao, the highways PR-921 and PR-908.

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