April 17, 2021

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Hijos de Borinquen is born to demand action against child poverty

The movement Hijos de Borinquen announced through a press release that, in view of the general elections, they will be demanding that the country's leadership commit to care for the tens of thousands of children living in conditions poverty in Puerto Rico.

A problem that costs $ 4,000 million annually because it is not addressed

According to the statement, the non-partisan movement made up of mothers, fathers, grandparents, youth, families and other allies indicated that the objective is that it is understood that a child is not to blame for being poor and that specific actions be taken, beginning in January 2021, to address and mitigate child poverty in Puerto Rico.

“Hijos de Borinquen has brought together people from different communities throughout Puerto Rico, with entities that work to help eradicate poverty, ”explained Natividad Flores, community leader who is part of the movement. “Its objectives are: to achieve a better understanding of the effect of child poverty, for elective candidates and political parties to formulate alternatives to address the problem based on available information, and for communities to have information and decision-making power to make proposals and direct efforts to change their socioeconomic conditions. ”

Taking advantage of the electoral cycle, the members of the movement are discussing and preparing proposals to address the situation of their families and communities. They are preparing to contact candidates for elective positions in order to obtain a commitment from them to establish public policy and promote concrete measures aimed at eradicating poverty and mitigating its effects. It also seeks to strengthen the movement through social networks.

“The Children of Borinquen are the 343,908 boys and girls of Puerto Rico who see their life opportunities limited by poverty. They are their mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and uncles, who fight every day to give them better opportunities than those they had, "added Beraliz Germocén a young leader who is part of the movement.

project has the support from the Institute for Youth Development (IDJ). "Every citizen initiative that seeks to educate about this serious socioeconomic problem and has the goal of helping to reduce child and youth poverty through viable solutions, has our support and solidarity," said Amanda Rivera Flores Executive Director of the IDJ.

A study ( www.cuantonoscuesta.com) of the year 2020 estimated that 383,000 children in Puerto Rico live below the poverty level. Of these, 38% live in extreme poverty with a family income of around $ 3,950 per year, according to the Puerto Rico Community Survey. This study also revealed that each child living in poverty has an annual cost of $ 11,536 for the country, and that child poverty can be reduced from 58% to 48% in three years and to 36% in ten years if concrete measures are adopted .

For more information, the public can access www.loshijosdeborinquen.com . To join the efforts of Hijos de Borinquen you can follow and share their social networks: Facebook @Hijos de Borinquen Instagram @hijosdeborinquenpr Twitter: @HBorinquen .

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