August 1, 2021

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Hope for the future for the boys and girls of “La Casita”

Hoping to receive a dignified online education were the children of the Virgilio Dávila Family House, in Bayamón, after the organization received last Monday, October 19, a donation of more than $ 10,000 in technological and educational equipment thanks to the Association of Cooperative Executives of Puerto Rico (ASEC), the League of Cooperatives of Puerto Rico (LIGA) and other 18 entities of the cooperative sector on the island.

After identifying 42 students who did not have access to their online classes due to lack of educational resources, the president of the board of directors of the Casa Familiar Virgilio Dávila, Keyshla Molina Zayas, contacted the president of the ASEC, Eddie Alice Sáez, informing him of the organization’s need for computers so that young people could connect to their courses and carry out their assignments.

“Seeing that many of our children are not even attending virtual classes, we decided to create this program that also impacts the day so that they can come. In addition, it would help young university students from the residential area who do not have internet or a computer, ”said Molina Zayas.

Despite the fact that there are many students in the Virgilio Dávila community, the board of directors of the Casa Familiar, affectionately known as “La Casita”, drew up a work plan to impact as many as possible.

“They are children who had nothing and now, at least, they will be able to connect to their classes,” added Molina Zayas.

In addition to serving as a hub for young people to take their courses online, the non-profit organization has four tutors who assist groups of up to 15 students, with their classes and subjects, since many of these children do not have the support and tools necessary to study.

Founded in 1983 by sisters Ana María and Verónica López, the organization’s mission is to provide academic, emotional and sports services to boys and girls to prevent school dropouts, early pregnancies, and keep them away from drugs.

“Our great challenge was not the earthquakes, it is not COVID-19, it is the parents of these children themselves, and here is the importance of this little house and many foundations like ours. 85% of these parents only attended sixth grade. Many of them do not have the knowledge or the desire to sit down and study with their children, ”said Molina Zayas.

One of the mothers who has been present supporting their five children and delivering donations is Marylissa González González, who described that the change to online classes has not been easy due to the lack of technological equipment. “In my house there are five students and it is very difficult because we do not have five computers or five telephones, plus the internet,” he said.

His daughter thanked the representatives of the cooperatives for the donation that will help these children build a better future. “These donations will help us a lot in the studies for the children who needed it and cannot buy things at home. Thanks to you they will be able to study and take classes online. Even if we come from below, we can dream and be great, ”said Aryan Torres González.

Finally, Eddie Alicea Saéz, president of ASEC, indicated that in October the entity celebrates the month of cooperativism and they understood that the best way to celebrate it was to sponsor a work of social interest.

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