June 14, 2021

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Hospedería de Culebra confirms that four of its employees tested positive for Covid-19

The Mamacitas Guest House, located in Culebra, confirmed today that four of its 17 employees tested positive for Covid-19. However, management rejected that the alleged outbreak of cases registered in the island municipality had originated in their locality, including the restaurant, as has been publicly disclosed.

The Mamacitas administration also classified as false that the affected employees remained in their jobs, as once the management became aware, they immediately activated the health safety protocol.

“We follow all the safety protocols, physical distance and extreme hygiene and cleaning measures. Before reopening, we worked on a disinfection and extreme cleaning plan in all the areas it comprises. the hostelry. While we were operating, we kept active the health protocol for the safety of our employees and our guests, "stated Norman L. de Guzmán, general manager of the hostelry.

" Mamacitas Guest House "remained closed for the past four months , as part of the mandatory closure, and reopened its positions last Thursday, July 2, four days after the first contagion was reported. As soon as they became aware, the establishment closed its doors, it was indicated.

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