July 28, 2021

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Hospital Association warns that blackouts could damage medical equipment | Health

After several days of constant blackouts, the Puerto Rico Hospital Association warned about the risks that exist in the country’s hospital sector.

First, the organization argued that the two most critical and worrying areas are patients bedridden at home, and hospital equipment.

“The two most critical and worrying areas are our patients bedridden at home, who depend on electricity to survive, and our hospitals and health facilities, which treat patients on a constant basis. Patients at home depend on electricity to survive, concentrators of oxygen, mechanical ventilators, suction machines, whole feeding equipment, respiratory therapy equipment, BPAP and CPAP, and many patients who report their vital signs by Telemedicine daily through the internet and other means that are affected by the lack of light ” said the president of the association, Jaime Plá.

Likewise, he denounced that the lack of constant service “damages expensive equipment, calibration is lost, increases the cost of providing services due to the alternate use of electricity generators, and also puts the lives of patients at risk.”

This morning, Plá reported through NotiUno that there were about 18 hospitals that had been without the service.

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