June 25, 2021

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Hospitalized by Covid-19 reduced to 488 | government

The Department of Health reported a decrease in hospitalized cases due to Covid-19 on its ‘dashboard’.

While yesterday there were 504 hospitalized for the virus, today this number was reduced to 488 patients.

Of the 488 people hospitalized, there are 62 intensive care patients, one less compared to yesterday. In addition, there are 39 ventilator patients, one less than yesterday.

No pediatric patient is hospitalized intensively by the virus.

According to Salud, there is an availability of hospital beds of 47 percent (3,308) . While 46 percent are occupied (3,288), 7 (488) percent of these are by Covid-19.

As for intensive beds for adults, 36 percent are available (250) and 55 percent occupied (378). Of these, nine percent (62) are by intensive care patients.

In addition, the agency reported that 71 percent (796) of adult ventilators are available, while 3 (39) percent of these are being used for patients with Covid-19.

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