December 1, 2020

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Hotel and Tourism Association regrets impositions of new executive order | Present

The president-elect of the board of directors of the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association, Joaquín Bolívar III, today regretted the situation imposed by the new executive order for Covid-19, since it limits tourist activity.

“It is a very regrettable situation that they again impose on tourist activity, when it has been proven that we have been extremely responsible with the protocols established by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company,” he said.

He highlighted that they have the certification of the Tourist Health and Safety Operational Guide, “since the security measures established by our partners are of the first order, where in addition to the necessary protocols, in many cases the minimum requirements are exceeded, in order to have an effective, healthy and appropriate operation to receive all types of public, while protecting the health of all employees ”.

“Our message has been clear from the beginning of this emergency, the business that is not in compliance should be fined and closed,” said Bolívar III, considering that limiting the use of the beaches greatly affects one of our main attractions as a destination. tourism, which will again cause a drop in hotel reservations.

He argued that limiting restaurants to 30% will again aggravate their economic situation, to the point that some will be forced to close and therefore will not make the rehiring of many of the displaced employees viable.

“We understand that decisions are being made without the adequate scientific basis, since sources of contagion cannot be attributed to the components of tourist activity, however, the data continues to point to community contagion, to family gatherings in residences and lodgings in the short term, “he said.

Likewise, he claimed that the control of these centers must be reinforced and that everyone’s priority in the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association is to protect the safety and health of its guests and associates.

“From the government to have evidence that we are part of the problem, it is up to them to send us the scientific data immediately. We will be attentive to the official order when it is issued, to understand the detail ”, said Bolívar III.

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