December 4, 2020

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Hotel Villa Cofresí: "Dana has all our support"

Dana Castro has received the greatest show of solidarity in recent days than she could have imagined after being subjected to bullying after the publication of a video on social networks in which she was preparing a drink at the Hotel Villa Cofresí in Rincón .

“Dana is the Bess Bastender” was read in the video shared this week by Facebook users in which they mocked the way in which the cocktail expert prepared the emblematic Coco Pirata drink, which distinguishes the inn.

During the confection, the young woman from Aguada tried to complete the drink as quickly as possible, which is why several spills occurred.

But from the harassment it was passed to the support, both of his colleagues and relatives and strangers, who condemned the insults and offenses.

“This that has happened to me has been something shocking and strong … the cyberbulliying exists and is very serious. But I was fortunate to have that wave of support from friends, family, bosses, people from all over, who really know how to work (in a bar) and I was able to see all the people who do support and value what I do, "Dana shared in an interview with Primera Hora.

Sandra Caro Caro, general manager and owner of the Hotel Villa Cofresí, for her part, explained that when she found out about the video, she was frightened by the negative publicity it could represent the business established 55 years ago.

“I am not going to deny you, my first reaction was fright. I called Dana, questioned her and claimed her … ", confessed Caro Caro.

When the general manager's daughters heard the conversation, they asked her to take things easy and forced her to reflect on what her words could represent for Dana, due to the harassment she was already suffering.

“I called her back immediately. I apologized for my first impression. She was calm, because she has the tools to work with situations "stressed the administrator.

And Dana is studying for a doctorate in psychology. He works in the hotel shack bar to support himself and pay for his career.

“She has handled it very well, because she has the tools and emotional intelligence. She reassured me and I began to see it differently, "he reiterated.

Dana, who has been working at the hostel for several years, immediately received numerous messages of support highlighting her human quality. Similarly, visitors to the bar do not miss an opportunity to portray themselves with it, ask for the Coco Pirate and upload the image and a comforting message on social networks.

“I thank life that I am studying what mental health is and I have the strategies, the foundations and the knowledge to manage these situations … But I want to emphasize those who do not have them, those who shut themselves down, fall into depression and they think about killing themselves, because they feel cornered … they don't know what to do "said the 31-year-old.

" I received a beautiful message from my family that said: 'It is time for us to meet across the distance and let's support one of ours. ' It moved me, "explained the student, who was the subject of offensive comments.

" The worst thing is that the person who filmed the video jokingly does not even find out what they use it for. I've seen parodies… It's one thing to joke, we all do it, but it's another to get out of control, "she added.

Caro Caro, meanwhile, praised her employee's strengths.

" People they do a lot of damage with your comments. What if I wished that I hadn't spilled any product? Clear. But this is a volume bar, here many people come, it is not that you have 10 minutes to prepare a drink. In the case of the drink, you have to have many skills, and the most important is to open the coconut with the machete, which is not easy. It is inevitable that it is not lost, but from there to the insult … no, nothing justifies it "he emphasized.

" We express our support for our beloved Dana. We respect human dignity and value the commitment of each of our employees. We do not have room for bullying but for unconditional respect, "he added.

The manager concluded that her employee has" all our support, from the administration and coworkers "and from an event that began in a negative way, “the tortilla has turned around,” because “it has given us an advertisement that we were not looking for and did not expect.”

This was confirmed by Dana, who since then has not stopped appearing in photos with clients who support her. “We have had a full bar, people looking for me, and it is very nice because they speak good things to you. They say to me: 'Don't listen to people who want to do harm.' In the end, really, the good ones are more. ”

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