June 13, 2021

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House Government Commission approves measure to prohibit political donations by contractors

The delegations of the New Progressive Party and the Dignity Project were absent from the vote in committee

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THE CAPITOL – The Government Committee of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico passed on Thursday to House Bill 320 to prohibit government contractors from donating to political parties or candidates.

The project, authored by representatives José Bernardo Márquez (MVC), Mariana Nogales Molinelli (MVC) and Orlando Aponte (PPD), had been endorsed in public hearings by the Offices of the Electoral Comptroller, the Government Ethics Office and the Comptroller. of Puerto Rico, whose recommendations for amendments were incorporated in the version of the measure approved today.

“The House of Representatives took an important step today against investment and political cronyism. These donations create a vicious cycle of donors receiving contracts and, in turn, contractors issuing donations. It was time to stop this practice, as has happened in other jurisdictions in the United States, whose legal prohibitions have been validated in constitutional terms, ”said representative José Bernardo Márquez in a written communication.

The project was approved with 10 votes in favor of the delegations of the Citizen Victory Movement, the Popular Democratic Party and the Puerto Rican Independence Party, in what is known as the Public Session of Final Consideration or “Mark Up Session”, so there is still a lack of come down to the consideration of the entire chamber body in ordinary session.

The delegations of the New Progressive Party and the Dignity Project were absent from the vote in committee, so their position on the project is still unknown.

If a successful process continues in the Legislative Assembly and is signed by the governor, the law will prohibit any person in negotiation or process aimed at obtaining a contract with the Government of Puerto Rico from making donations directly or indirectly to a political party, candidate, committee. campaign or authorized committee. The prohibition would apply from the beginning of the negotiation process, would extend during the term of the contract and would continue until one year after the fulfillment of the contract.

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