If you are one of the citizens who receives a visit to your home from one of the 2020 Census workers, know that the process to be counted does not take long and your information will be very valuable for the federal aid that the country would receive.

Here is some important information so you can identify census takers when they knock on your door.

How to identify a Census worker?

  • Ask for their photo ID and see if they have the Census Bureau logo
  • Look at the tablet you use to see if it has the logo of the United States Department of Commerce
  • Census takers also have a package with the Census logo

What questions does a Census worker ask?

  • Name of the person (Although it is confidential, it is necessary so as not to double the count)
  • Telephone number (In case any questions arise later)
  • The number of people living in the household
  • The dates of birth of each person living in the home (To find out what kind of services and federal aid they could offer you)
  • What type of kinship exists between the residents (To know the family component)
  • If the home is owned or rented (This is confidential data for home planning, they will not be given to banks)
  • Race
  • nationality

Remember: It doesn’t ask about social security, bank accounts, or wages.