June 18, 2021

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Hundreds come to say goodbye to the leader of the Mita Congregation, Aarón

Hundreds of people came to the Mita Congregation’s temple in Hato Rey in the morning to say goodbye to their spiritual leader, Aaron, who passed away on Monday night at the age of 99.

Although briefly, due to the security measures recommended to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, attendees were able to spend a moment in front of Aaron’s coffin, which was flanked by honor guards, dressed in white, a color that the congregation usually uses. for your ceremonies, representing purity.

Teófilo Vargas Seín, whom everyone knew as Aaron, was the leader of the Mita Congregation for the past five decades, and promoted the growth and expansion of the congregation to various countries.

Among the people who came to see him off, the pain over his departure was evident, and many could not contain the tears. In their expressions they highlighted how the spiritual leader helped them in different ways to carry on their lives.

Naisha Pastrana Maysonet, spokesperson for the Mita Congregation, thanked for the support “in these difficult moments” after the death of Aaron, whom she described as “a very leader of his people.”

“Not only did he have that contact only by preaching with the parishioners, but Aaron was one of these leaders who constantly visited the parishioners in their homes. If he found out that anyone was sick, he would visit them at the hospital. So he was very loved by his people. That is why we see so many people have been saddened and are very affected by the death of Aaron, “said the spokeswoman.

Regarding the wake, he explained that the sanitary restrictions recommended by the COVID-19 pandemic are being observed.

“During the day, the opportunity was given to people who wish to pass by to say goodbye to Aaron, to be able to come, to say goodbye. We have limited space, so the people who come, enter, only a small capacity of people is left inside so that they can say goodbye, and they leave ”, he explained.

The wake will continue tomorrow during the day and on Friday morning, when people will be able to go to see Aaron off briefly. Today Wednesday and tomorrow Thursday at 7:00 pm there will be religious services, and entry will be allowed up to the capacity limit allowed under the restrictions due to the pandemic. On Friday at 1:00 pm will be the final service, and at 2:00 pm he will be buried in the mausoleum of the Mita Congregation, also in Hato Rey.

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