June 15, 2021

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Hundreds of health professionals are vaccinated in Ponce | Present

A strategic alliance between the College of Medical Technologists, South Chapter and the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico (PUCPR) has allowed the vaccination against Covid-19 of nearly a thousand health professionals, including members of the university community who are part of group 1A of the vaccination protocol.

The vaccinated population, mostly from southern Puerto Rico, received the first dose of the vaccine produced by the pharmaceutical company Moderna.

Dr. Rosalina Rivera, director of the PUCPR Nursing Program, pointed out that 14 professors from the Department benefited from the alliance and “a group of our Nursing professors have already been certified by the Puerto Rico Department of Health to administer the vaccine. to the different sectors of the population of our Island, honoring the motto: In defense of life ”.

Waleska Alvarado, director of Medical Technology at PUCPR, indicated that additional dates are already on the agenda to administer the second dose to previously vaccinated health professionals and, in addition, to vaccinate administrative and clerical employees of the laboratories of the towns from Yauco to Guayama.

For his part, the President of the Institution, Dr. Jorge Iván Vélez Arocho, emphasized the university’s commitment to supporting vaccination efforts. “Just as we have made our facilities and personnel available to the College of Medical Technologists of Puerto Rico, we do so with the government and other institutions. That is our social commitment to the well-being of Puerto Rico ”.

The president noted that he recently communicated to the general adjutant of the Puerto Rico National Guard, José Reyes, his interest in making the facilities of the Sports and Cultural Complex of the Ponce campus, with capacity for 5,000 people, at his disposal as a vaccination center. for health and educational personnel.

“We have a shift system, through Shifts Puerto Rico, which can be used for an organized administration of the vaccine, so we trust that our proposal will be accepted and, in this way, help to lighten the vaccination process” , concluded Vélez Arocho.

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