April 20, 2021

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Hurricane Center monitors tropical wave that would reach the eastern Caribbean in five days

A tropical wave that is about to leave Africa caught the attention this afternoon of the National Hurricane Center (CNH) in Miami. According to the 2:00 PM Tropic Outlook Bulletin, this area of ​​bad weather has a 20 percent chance of cyclonic development in five days.

“A tropical wave is expected to move westward and emerge off the west coast of Africa tonight. Although environmental conditions do not appear to be conducive to development as the wave crosses the eastern Atlantic over the next several days, conditions could become more favorable for a slow development of the system as it reaches the western and central tropical Atlantic in early next week ”, indicates the CNH.

Currently, the powerful Hurricane Laura is in the Gulf of Mexico and is moving in the direction of the coasts of Louisiana and Texas with winds of 140 mph.

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