August 1, 2021

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Identify septuagenarian found dead in Juana Díaz

JUANA DÍAZ – On Saturday, October 31, 2020, at around 11:51 in the morning a dead person was reported to the Police, events that occurred on Highway 540 in the Río Cañas Arriba neighborhood, in Juana Díaz.

According to the information received by the Command Center Staff, a call was initially received from the 911 Emergency System, about a person lying on the pavement near the bridge in the Naranjo sector. Agent Reymundo Quiles, assigned to the Juana Díaz District, appeared at the scene, where the body of an older man identified by family members as 71-year-old Norberto A. Vega Santiago was found on the bridge’s concrete fence.

As reported, at the time of the discovery of Mr. Vega’s body, he allegedly had several stings of what they identify as bees.

Agents Ivelisse Maldonado from the Homicide Division appeared at the scene, together with Prosecutor Ada Torres, who issued a dead person’s ticket and ordered the transfer of the body to Forensic Sciences for autopsy purposes. The San Ramón de Juana Díaz Funeral Home took over the body.

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