August 1, 2021

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Illegal to ask for money to speed up unemployment | government

DORADO – Governor Wanda Vázquez and Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González warned that if there are government employees asking for money to expedite the disbursement of the unemployment check, this constitutes a federal crime.

“That is a crime federal and there will be (sorry) none. I don't know of any case of that, but if there is one, not only for the Cares Act (aid from the Covid-19), but also for the federal funds that have been approved for the Small Business loan, the incentive of $ 1,200, whatever A person who intervenes like this is committing a federal crime and I urge those affected to call the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) so that they can file (the complaint) and take letters on the matter, "González said at a press conference.

On the televised program Jay and his X-Rays, a complaint was raised that employees of the Department of Labor and Human Resources (DTRH) are charging between $ 150 and $ 400 for helping to streamline the process to receive the unemployment check.

Vázquez, for his part, assured that the problem of the long lines to complete unemployment applications will be addressed, as will the error of sending these checks to "the same" address.

"It is totally unacceptable e and it is not only unacceptable, it is illegal. An official who has applied for compensation is illegal. I call for a complaint to be filed and the Department of Justice to be notified because that will not be allowed, "said the governor.

" The Secretary of Labor, Carlos Rivera, has been notified to verify within the officials and outside (the agency) so that such conduct, if it has occurred, is stopped and that it receives the appropriate legal treatment. A person who does that is committing a crime and that is unacceptable. We are going to verify it, "pointed out the first executive.

EL VOCERO asked the Department of Justice if it has any referral on this matter or if it is investigating it, but at the close of this edition there was no response.

The disbursement of funds for the unemployed continues to be a headache for people who seek this help and have not been able to obtain it. First there were the endless waits in the telephone box, the problems with the DTRH website and then in a row that enabled the agency to deliver these documents by servicarro. Later the complaint came that the checks were being sent to the "same" address, due to a problem in the way these requests were processed.

Vázquez did not clarify yesterday how these problems will be addressed and left the matter in the hands of the Secretary of Labor.

“Secretary Carlos Rivera is working hard and thanks to that work we do not see the line so that they can claim their rights. Every week is a new claim. They are not necessarily new people, but they are people who apply every week that they remain unemployed, "said the president.

" A great advance has been made. We are close to the $ 500 million PUA (unemployment assistance program) and each citizen who has the right to claim the aid will have the opportunity to receive the check. A program is being worked on so that these claims are automated and that we use technology, "he said.

A" W "in the mask

The governor arrived yesterday at a press conference in Dorado wearing a "W" on his mask. The design is similar to the “Wonder Woman” logo and the one used by the resident commissioner in her campaigns. Both candidates have been together in various activities recently.

González has said that she endorses Pedro Pierluisi in his primarista aspiration to govern by the New Progressive Party (PNP).

The first executive, to questions from the press, She said that it was a “gift” and that she decided to put the pin in the mask, but she did not specify who gave it to her.

“Regarding the Wonder Woman, I think that all women are 'Wonder Woman' and here what it means is the 'W' of Wanda's name. We included it for that reason and it was a gift they gave me, ”he stated.

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