April 14, 2021

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In 322 the post mortem tests of Covid-19 | government

In the midst of the health emergency declared by the novel coronavirus, 322 post-mortem tests of Covid-19 have been carried out on the Island, of which only 17 have yielded positive results, revealed the commissioner of the Bureau of Forensic Sciences (NCF ), María Conte Miller.

In an interview with EL VOCERO Conte Miller specified that 91 of the 322 post-mortem tests have been performed in the NCF laboratory. In addition, he mentioned that of the 17 post-mortem tests with positive results, eight were worked on in the internal Covid-19 laboratory enabled less than a month ago at the agency.

“We have also done patients, generally first responders, who are what we do. In other words, we give service to Justice, to law enforcement agencies. We have done 273. From there, there have been 12 positives, "he added.

Regarding the employees who have tested positive for Covid-19, Conte Miller said they have had three confirmed cases and that one of the workers is already testing negative for coronavirus in tests. “The other two are still in the quarantine process and stuff. All are asymptomatic. We detect them because as we have the laboratory, we are continuously doing the tests from time to time and in the last round we did we detected three people, "he commented.

Until yesterday, Puerto Rico had 13,992 confirmed cases, 16,728 probable cases and 395 deaths , of which 256 were classified as confirmed deaths and 139 as probable, as reported by the Department of Health (DS) in its daily report.

Impact on the forensic system

But, were they Has it made it easy to operate or has it been uphill due to the infection situation? She was asked. "The impact on the forensic system, on our operation, has been minimal because most of the people die in the hospital and it is certified by doctors, that is, (these are cases that) are not referred to Forensics", responded.

“So we operate almost normally, only as we do tests on certain corpses that have a symptomatology that could be compatible and have not died in the care of a doctor or have not been tested, well in those cases we are doing the test. But now, as we have our own laboratory, the test is done quickly, ”added the NCF commissioner, who said that the ID NOW instrument is being used, which provides molecular results in 15 minutes, allowing the results to be obtained the same day. .

No delay in autopsies

Regarding autopsies, he mentioned that there is no delay in their performance and that "they are up to date."

Approximately eight autopsies are performed daily and between 15 and 20 external examinations.

“We have seen a reduction in (autopsies performed) due to violent deaths, murders and in traffic accidents. Also a slight increase in people dying in their homes. ”

On the number of unclaimed bodies, Conte Miller said they only have three cases, but they have not been long. "We just put them in the press, that is, they are about 15 days," he pointed out.

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