February 26, 2021

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In 342 those hospitalized for Covid-19 on the Island | government

The number of hospitalized for coronavirus on the island decreased to 342 in the most recent update of the Department of Health.

Of these patients, 58 remain in intensive care and 32 are connected to a ventilator.

Likewise, a minor has been held in intensive care by the virus since September 8, remains connected to an artificial respirator. Health has only indicated that it is a teenager.

The country’s health system currently has 2,948 adult beds, 188 intensive care beds and 805 ventilators. There are 969 pediatric beds, 62 intensive care beds, and 120 ventilators.

The most recent report from the Department of Health reported ten deaths from Covid-19; meanwhile, 284 confirmed cases and 215 additional probable cases were registered.

The Health Department report reported ten deaths from Covid-19; meanwhile, it was registered …

For its part, the agency reported that it made adjustments in the number of deaths by subtracting some cases for “non-compliance with criteria.”

With these cases there are 642 deaths and 45,413 confirmed and probable cases since the pandemic began.

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