July 29, 2021

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In 381 the number of hospitalized by Covid-19 | government

The number of hospitalized for Covid-19 on the Island today stands at 381, which represents 14 fewer patients compared to yesterday’s figure, according to the Health Department website.

Meanwhile, three minors remain in intensive care, one of whom is connected to a ventilator. Yesterday there were two pediatric patients connected to artificial respirators.

Of the 395 hospitalized adults, 48 ​​are in intensive care and 38 use a ventilator.

With an additional 177, the total convalescent now stands at 26,430. Salud defines a convalescent as a “person who is recovering from an illness. Gradual recovery of health after illness ”.

The country’s hospital system has 2,886 beds for adults, 183 intensive care beds and 784 ventilators. There are also 893 pediatric beds, 53 intensive care beds and 135 pediatric ventilators.

Regarding the situation in the municipalities, 42 have a positivity rate greater than 10%. Meanwhile, 29 others have a positivity between 5% and 9.9%.

Five municipalities have a positivity between 3% and 5% (Rincón, Las Marías, Maricao, Sabana Grande and Culebra). Two municipalities have a positivity of less than 3% (Peñuelas and Vieques).

Puerto Rico has been at a “substantial” risk level of Covid-19 since October 11, which suggests that “orders to stay at home are necessary if there is no robust system for sampling the virus and tracing contacts.”

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